Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Challenges and Choices Facing the truth forgiving myself

Over 2016 I had quite a few challenges, business wise, and emotional wise. It was not the best year for me but I woke when we went away for a vacation to Ocean Shores.

I love the ocean! It is my happy place. It is where I feel the most relaxed, most peaceful, and most connected to God. We took several weekend trips to the beach for 2015-2016.

It was a stormy weekend but during a break in the wind and the rain we headed out to the beach. It was beautiful. The waves were amazing and the sun shone bright in between the clouds. The first beach we went to was so nice that we decided to visit one that we knew had larger waves.

The second beach was windier and the waves were much larger. There was a beautiful fluff of sea foam along the beach closer to the water line that was blowing up the beach. It was so beautiful! The power of God in the crashing waves and the gently moving foam. So beautiful in fact that I really wanted to capture it in video.

As I was filming I had my husband and son move up the hill a little so that their sound wouldn't be in the video. Turns out that was the best thing I did that day. They were to the left and up from me on the beach. What I didn't know is a wave was heading towards them and that wave would soon circle around me. My husband was filming and running and I was standing still watching the waves right in front of me because we all know you shouldn't turn your back to the ocean.

Here is a video of what happened.

Then my phone died because it had been in the ocean. For several days I was unplugged. During that time I got to a very low point. Unable to help others online, unable to take care of my business, thinking that my second electronic in 2 months was ruined and not having money to get a new one put me in a panic. What would happen to my business with no computer and no phone, what would happen to my ministry, what would happen to my friends that I could no longer encourage.

It put me at a place where I was feeling completely guilty which brought me back to the loss of my first son Nels. I was mad at myself, mad at my body for him being born with something that took his life, and mad that I wasn't able to do more. All of that emotion came crashing back in like the wave.

During those 4 days I began to heal from those things I kept inside but was still worried about not being able to continue in what I felt was where God had me placed for this time. My husband was praying with me encouraging me and yet I was not able to forgive myself yet. Plus I was super concerned about how I would be able to help with the bills with not being able to work my business. I felt guilty about that too. My Husband Chris reassured me that God would provide.

4 days later my phone began to work. It was a miracle and answer to prayer. What I found in the weeks after is that I needed a break... I need that time to spend one on one with God with nothing in the way.

For two weeks after I prayed, read the Bible, and I began to let it go. I let go of my guilt and anger at my body from losing Nels, I let go of my control of my business, and I gave it all over to God. Then I sought God's path for my life. I knew that it was time to get back to the ministry that God had given me before I lost my son. My Building a Healthy Living Temple ministry. Sure I have posted since I lost him. I tried to get back my healthy living temple.... but the guilt kept me locked up and unable to do as much as I wanted to do. That guilt equaled weight gain and sadness. No... I didn't go back to eating wheat and I did try my best to continue to eat healthy, I prayed, I read the word, I took vitamins, I tried healthy supplements but nothing was taking me back to what I was before I was pregnant with my son. I did find that I was having trouble with corn so taking that out helped a bit.

With new peace from forgiving myself and my body for the loss of our son I decided that bringing this blog back and sharing more about what I have learned about building a healthy living temple.

I am so thankful to the Lord that He has begun this transformation once again and I am feeling blessed and excited about 2017!

I am going to a be posting some great recipes, some fun stuff, and about essential oils and how they are helping me out with this journey. God is so good!

I have started a second blog because I am in a special challenge for Young Living Essential oils called Slique in 60!  It is a video blog about my weight loss during the 60 day challenge.   Click here to see it!  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Asher's Ningxia Red Pops

Want something cool, refreshing and nutritious for your family's this summer instead of the ice cream man with his all too alluring song?  Then check out Asher's Ningxia Red Pops!  They were absolutely delicious!  All of us loved them!  :)  Watch the video to see just how fun and easy these are to make!   For all the supplies check out  Kristin Campbell independent distributor #2713803

Our Special Recipe

1/2 cup Ningxia Red
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup Pure Cranberry Juice
2 Drops Tangerine Essential Oil
5-10 drops liquid Stevia
1 sliced Organic Bananna

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What's for Dinner? Turkey

Turkey is an amazing protein with tons of benefits! Low fat compared with some proteins! Eating lower fat has many known benefits!

Turkey contains a mineral called Selenium! Why is this good or important? Well there is some research out there that Selenium can help protect your body from free radicals and cancer!

Turkey also contains B vitamins that are vital for everything from metabolism to how you feel emotionally!

Then of course if you are having trouble sleeping you can always count on the Tryptophan in Turkey to help you out there! :)

Asher and I are cooking turkey today for when Chris gets home from work! I love helping Asher learn about healthy eating and cooking :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Finally it is working again!

For the last two years everything I did to try to get back to my lower healthy weight didn't work.  I tried everything the Lord had taught me and even tried some different weight loss products.  I wasn't listening to the voice inside though that was telling me something was different and something was wrong.

My struggle got worse and worse to the point where I gained 60 lbs.  I wasn't feeling well and really was not functioning well either.  It was really really bad but tried as I could I could not go down.  If I had listened to my spirit and not my bank account I would have been out of this mess a lot quicker.

in 2012 I began selling a beauty product that was non-toxic and what I though was harmless and fun. I am not going to name the product here as it doesn't matter.  What does matter is that my body was allergic to it even though it was gluten free and free from other allergens that I had!   My body didn't like it.  My hormones were being messed up to the point where every thing I did didn't help.  I couldn't detoxify my body... I was just getting worse and worse.

Towards the end of this summer after lots of prayer and I began to listen to my spirit and I took the product off for a month to see what would happen.  I didn't gain that month and lost a pound!    The next month I added in some vitamins to help me detoxify.   I began taking the Plexus Triplex of plexus Slim, ProBio5 ( a great probiotic), and BioCleanse.   I had more energy and began to slowly lose weight.  As I began to detoxify from that product I used to where I began to lose weight more rapidly.  My 3 month weight lost was 50 lbs.

The last month I have maintained.  Mostly because we went on vacation and then had the holidays.  It was a blessing to go through the holidays with out gaining weight.   So now that it is the New year and things are settling down I have made a new goal for myself!   My small goal is 15 lbs down and my large goal is 45.  I believe that the tools God gave me before are amazing and have really helped me.  I am so thankful that He showed me how to eat and live healthy.   I wish I would have listened so much earlier about the product I was allergic to.  I know that in all things God has timing.  His timing is always best.

2015 is my time to feel great... look great.... and glorify God with my healthy living temple!
I am still a work in progress!  I am still using the amazing supplements I found in plexus to help me get healthier!  I love love love ProBio5!  It is a great probiotic that has really helped me a lot! If you have any questions about what I am doing contact me on my FB page 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Time to start again!

God, thank you for your forgiveness, your mercy and your grace! I see now that Building a Healthy Living Temple is a life long challenge. I know that even though some times I make mistakes and get off track that you will be there to help me through. Lord God I ask that you lead and guide me as I re-start this ministry that you have blessed me with and begin to focus on what you have called me to once again. Lord you are the author and perfector of my life. You have blessed me with wisdom and I will use that to glorify you Lord. God I know that being healthy and being skinny are not the same thing but I know I have some big work ahead of me to get back into the healthy temple you have called me to. Forgive me for straying from what you have taught and help me to get to where I need to be so that I can help others and help my family to live healthy lives with you! Thank you for your help Lord God and for a fresh start in you! Amen!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finally after 2.5 years after my little one was born I am on the right track to getting back into healthy shape!

I tried everything I had done before... including staying away from allergy foods, using various methods to detox, having green juice, eating healthy and working out.   Nothing would budge!

In fact I found myself staying the same or gaining each month.  So what was the problem?  I really feel that the toxic build up in my body was causing this.  It is amazing how much environmental factors can effect your life.

When our new home was built we didn't have as much influence in what was being put in to it as we would have liked to have had but we were in a rush to get in the home before Asher was born.  I think that there were a lot of materials that had some serious toxic effects on my system.

My body wasn't happy and was showing me that.

I went on a cruise in March and did some detoxifying treatments.  I felt better and wanted to continue when I got home so I bought some of the vitamins and some of the liquid that was put on my body.  This didn't seem to do as much at home... which bummed me out a bit.

Much prayer and much seeking of God came next.  I still couldn't figure out what was going on.  I know that it was just timing now that needed to happen.

In one of the business pages I was on they have a trade day where we can trade our products for others.  One person contacted me for a trade and had a wrap to trade.  I was intrigued.  I figured I could use a wrap that would help my body get past to toxins in my body.  When I got it I was a bit bummed because it didn't work.

Then another week another person wanted to trade me a wrap.  I told her that one didn't work and asked if she was willing to trade 2.  Long story short the next wraps worked well and I began to feel better, look better and began to thank God for showing me an answer to what was going on!

Not only that I became a distributor for this company because my results were so good.  Such a blessing from God!

If you want to check out what I am doing check my facebook page!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Detox Continues!

I guess I have a lot to catch up on since my last post was about Days 5 and 6! Today is Day 20 on the detox! Week two of the detox I did a mix of whole fruits and veggies with some beans too. I drank several different juices but just began to crave something to chew on so I started eating carrots and hummus. At the end of week two I added protein back into my detox! I began to stall and feel a little bloated with all the fruits and veggies... my body is just not a vegan body... I am a carnivore... not an omnivore even really... carnivore through and through.

At the end of week two my weight loss was 15 lbs and my inches lost was over 20! Wooohooo! But with out the protein I felt like I was getting into a stall.

I have to admit that week three on my detox has not gone as well. I messed up yesterday and gained a ton of water weight! Why? Well I decided that I wanted some of my son's pirate booty! Being a little depressed with all this snow around I caved. Had I been able to go for a walk or do something else outside of the house I probably would not have caved.

For those of you who don't know what Pirate Booty is it is like a healthier version of a cheeto. After not having any processed food for so long by body was just not liking the pirate booty... plus I have had no grains since I began.

First thing that happened was the palate of my mouth swelled up...allergic reaction... then I bloated up. :( Not good! I know it is just an allergic reaction weight gain but it is still disappointing. It is also a bummer that I reacted so much because that shows me that the grains in Pirate Booty are ones that I definitely react to besides glutens. Pirate booty has Corn and rice in it with some cheese. Since I have not reacted to the cheese that I had earlier in the week I am pretty sure that I am allergic to either corn, rice or both. I will have to narrow it down more before I complete my detox later on, but for now they are both out still!

In order to detox my body from the corn and rice I am planning on going back on the Spicy Lemon Detox Juice with some very lean protein for a few days! I think that will make my body much happier!

Sunday will be the start of week 4! I am surprised it is going so fast! During week four like I said I will be upping my Spicy Lemon Detox Juice and try to keep to extra lean proteins! One of the best extra lean proteins is Egg Whites! There is a lot you can do with egg whites! You can whip them up and make meringues, make egg white omelets, or just boil them! When I boil the eggs I just take the yellows out and give it to my dog who really loves them as a treat!

Hopefully the snow will melt soon and Asher and I will be able to go for walks again! That will help too! Skin helps detox your body by sweating out the toxins! For now thought I think I am going to use my Malibu Pilates machine to get any of those nasty cravings away! Week four is going to be a great week!