Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I need a challenge!

Getting motivated to start doing my healthy living program again has been hard since having my son in November. The first 3 months of his life I barely got enough sleep to think let alone start doing all my Building a Healthy Living Temple things. By the second month I had started going on walks with Asher. That was a good thing. I needed that.

On the third month I started running again... very slowly. So slowly in fact that my husband was able to "Walk" at my pace. My son began sleeping in the third month so I figured that would be a great time to start getting back in shape. It didn't work. Exactly the opposite happened. I was pretty much down to my pre-Asher weight when I began to gain again.

I thought maybe it was because of what I was eating... I had had to change my diet in the second month due to colic like behavior in my son. I had very limited things to choose from as far as eating so I began to eat more processed foods again... even though those foods were gluten free and made of healthy things. I also had mostly snack type items. Not enough protein, veggies and fruit. It is very difficult to cook while feeding a baby. My body just didn't like what I was giving it so I gained.

Now that Asher is 4 months old I feel like I really really really need to get back on track for my health! So I am taking steps towards reaching a healthier life again. For me though doing this for my healthy (which should be a good enough reward) isn't challenging enough.

I know that if I join up with some others to start making positive changes I will do much better. So does anyone want to join me in a healthy living challenge?

I was thinking about starting out like this...

1. Begin by focusing on one of the 10 keys that helped me get healthy last time every 3 days!
  • Key 1- Putting God First
  • Key 2- Avoiding Chemicals & Artificial Ingredients
  • Key 3- Eating Smaller Meals More Often
  • Key 4- Down Sizing Dishes
  • Key 5- Water, Water, Water!
  • Key 6- Limiting Unhealthy Foods
  • Key 7- Choose Organic Fruits and Veggies
  • Key 8- Choose Organic or Wild Caught Protein
  • Key 9- Exercise
  • Key 10- Vitamins & Minerals
2. Be accountable to someone about how I am doing on my goals.
3. Be kind to myself (someone who was on bed rest for so many week last year and the year before can't just magically get healthy over night!)
4. Celebrate each day!
5. Reward myself for healthy steps taken!
6. Be honest with myself... if I make a mistake pick myself up, dust myself off and start again.
7. Pray without ceasing!

So who's up for a challenge? Anyone want to work on their goals along side me? Let me know!
It is much easier to work on things when you are sharing your journey with others!

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