Sunday, January 1, 2012

Taking the toxins of the year away! Welcome 2012!

2011 was a harsh year on my family. I found out I had had an infection from the time Asher was born to the beginning of 2011 which caused some female issues and hormone imbalances. I also found out that I was reacting to rice and other non-glutenous grains which was causing my body to retain water and stay at a higher weight. It is not good. Though I am still way down from when I was my largest in 2007 I am about the same weight I was when I had Asher 2 years ago! But now that I have found the reaction to the other grains I think this will be a better year!

It was also a bad year for my Dad and mom. My Dad had a stroke. Thankfully he is still able to walk, talk and do most things... but depression hit and made it stressful for him and my mom as well as the rest of the family! I am happy to say that things are starting to look better now! I am hoping for a happy and healthy year for both my mom and dad!

My sister in law had a high risk pregnancy but thankfully my nephew was born happy and healthy just a few days ago! So things a looking up for them as well! I am praying for a Happy and Healthy first year for him! My brother is so happy!

My husbands grandma was moved into a nursing home and out of her assisted living apartment. She had to be revived once this year. My husband has been so worried about her and really wishes she was closer but my husbands aunt wants to keep her in Florida. (Which is the other side of the country from most of her relatives accept her brother.) We really wanted to go see her this year but just could not afford the flight and other costs. This year my husband feels we need to make it happen... so of course we will!

My cousin had the battle of her life this year... she was diagnosed with breast cancer... and she conquered it! I am praying for her health and strength this year!

Many more families had other things they went through 2011 as well. It just seemed like something happened almost every month. This year....2012 has to be better!

So to start off this year right I am going grain free... yep completely totally grain free! Cold Turkey!!!!

To help with this process I am going to do a detox! I am starting out with my favorite Spicy Lemonade Detox! I am going to do Spicy Lemonade for 3 days then switching to juicing for a couple extra weeks!

Doing a detox like this takes some will power but it is amazing how you feel afterwards! I will give my recipes for all the juices I am using for my detox here as well as a picture of what they looked like!

MMMMMMmmmmmmm Spicy Lemonade! I love it!

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