Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finally after 2.5 years after my little one was born I am on the right track to getting back into healthy shape!

I tried everything I had done before... including staying away from allergy foods, using various methods to detox, having green juice, eating healthy and working out.   Nothing would budge!

In fact I found myself staying the same or gaining each month.  So what was the problem?  I really feel that the toxic build up in my body was causing this.  It is amazing how much environmental factors can effect your life.

When our new home was built we didn't have as much influence in what was being put in to it as we would have liked to have had but we were in a rush to get in the home before Asher was born.  I think that there were a lot of materials that had some serious toxic effects on my system.

My body wasn't happy and was showing me that.

I went on a cruise in March and did some detoxifying treatments.  I felt better and wanted to continue when I got home so I bought some of the vitamins and some of the liquid that was put on my body.  This didn't seem to do as much at home... which bummed me out a bit.

Much prayer and much seeking of God came next.  I still couldn't figure out what was going on.  I know that it was just timing now that needed to happen.

In one of the business pages I was on they have a trade day where we can trade our products for others.  One person contacted me for a trade and had a wrap to trade.  I was intrigued.  I figured I could use a wrap that would help my body get past to toxins in my body.  When I got it I was a bit bummed because it didn't work.

Then another week another person wanted to trade me a wrap.  I told her that one didn't work and asked if she was willing to trade 2.  Long story short the next wraps worked well and I began to feel better, look better and began to thank God for showing me an answer to what was going on!

Not only that I became a distributor for this company because my results were so good.  Such a blessing from God!

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