Friday, January 20, 2012

Detox Continues!

I guess I have a lot to catch up on since my last post was about Days 5 and 6! Today is Day 20 on the detox! Week two of the detox I did a mix of whole fruits and veggies with some beans too. I drank several different juices but just began to crave something to chew on so I started eating carrots and hummus. At the end of week two I added protein back into my detox! I began to stall and feel a little bloated with all the fruits and veggies... my body is just not a vegan body... I am a carnivore... not an omnivore even really... carnivore through and through.

At the end of week two my weight loss was 15 lbs and my inches lost was over 20! Wooohooo! But with out the protein I felt like I was getting into a stall.

I have to admit that week three on my detox has not gone as well. I messed up yesterday and gained a ton of water weight! Why? Well I decided that I wanted some of my son's pirate booty! Being a little depressed with all this snow around I caved. Had I been able to go for a walk or do something else outside of the house I probably would not have caved.

For those of you who don't know what Pirate Booty is it is like a healthier version of a cheeto. After not having any processed food for so long by body was just not liking the pirate booty... plus I have had no grains since I began.

First thing that happened was the palate of my mouth swelled up...allergic reaction... then I bloated up. :( Not good! I know it is just an allergic reaction weight gain but it is still disappointing. It is also a bummer that I reacted so much because that shows me that the grains in Pirate Booty are ones that I definitely react to besides glutens. Pirate booty has Corn and rice in it with some cheese. Since I have not reacted to the cheese that I had earlier in the week I am pretty sure that I am allergic to either corn, rice or both. I will have to narrow it down more before I complete my detox later on, but for now they are both out still!

In order to detox my body from the corn and rice I am planning on going back on the Spicy Lemon Detox Juice with some very lean protein for a few days! I think that will make my body much happier!

Sunday will be the start of week 4! I am surprised it is going so fast! During week four like I said I will be upping my Spicy Lemon Detox Juice and try to keep to extra lean proteins! One of the best extra lean proteins is Egg Whites! There is a lot you can do with egg whites! You can whip them up and make meringues, make egg white omelets, or just boil them! When I boil the eggs I just take the yellows out and give it to my dog who really loves them as a treat!

Hopefully the snow will melt soon and Asher and I will be able to go for walks again! That will help too! Skin helps detox your body by sweating out the toxins! For now thought I think I am going to use my Malibu Pilates machine to get any of those nasty cravings away! Week four is going to be a great week!

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