Sunday, January 1, 2012

Is it torture when your husband watches Cup Cake wars during your detox?

So this is still day one of my detox for 2012 and my husband and son are enjoying a tray of peeps while watching cupcake wars. Yes you are reading this right... "Peeps and Cupcake wars". I thought I was doing really well today until tonight when I want to eat anything there is in the house!

I realized quickly that there was one important part of my detox that I forgot.... I forgot to give this process completely and totally over to God. I have to trust in Him and pray for patience, perseverance, strength and will power! Well maybe not the "will power" will power never works! It is relying on self. If we hand over our detox to the Lord and ask Him for wisdom and guidance through the process we are able to get through this with out the need to tear apart the cupboards for anything that resembles a cupcake.

Now true it may be easier to empty the cupboards and leave nothing nummy in the house for everyone in the house.... and it would be much easier if we were all doing it together but this is a time I need to set aside for myself to get healthy! Then I will be able to help my family make healthy choices too!

Having a picky eating two year old with gluten intolerance can really be hard to make 100% healthy all the time choices. Asher loves chocolate, cheese burgers (without the bun), Greek yogurt, apples, cheese and peas. Ok, maybe he will eat a few more things but this is what he loves right now. So making him chocolate pudding will be a challenge... maybe I can get my husband to do that for the next couple months.

I am getting hungry just typing this and my mouth.... it is actually watering. Uggghhhh! Ok, time to go make a glass of my Spicy Detox Lemonade!

That's better! Sip, relax, breath, be and know that God is here with me and that He will fill my every need! God's word is better then food! I feeds the soul! My body needs cleansing and my soul needs refreshing!

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalms 34:8
Lord God, I thank you that you have given me this time to reflect on you! I thank you for my husband who loves and supports me even while enjoying his treats. I thank you for my son and for the miracle he is in my life. Lord God you have blessed me with wisdom and guidance in this detox for my healthy and healing. Lord I pray that you will be with me and guide my steps that you will fill me up with your Holy Spirit and keep my spirit full when my body may not be. Help me to come to know you more in this time and help me to keep my eyes focused on you during this time! In Jesus's name I pray Amen!

My hubby is now watching the same cupcake war again... Why? Well because at the end he found out a gluten free baker won... and he wanted to know where they were from in case he could take me there some time! Bless his heart... he is so sweet... now if he can find a grain free baker we might be able to go in the 3 part of my detox! Just Spicy Detox Lemonade for 2 more days... then Green Juice bonanza... after that whole foods and last step proteins added back in! 2 months to a healthier and happier me! One day down.... 59 to go!

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